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Sunday, September 17, 2017

Do you read a lot? Women who read, are great lovers.           From the Publisher     

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Thursday, September 7, 2017

She was as unpredictable as a Hurricane. The Glow, by A.D.Banyan

                                          Direct from the Publisher

         This book contains erotic material and is for adults only.

Excerpt from the book.

I took several photos of the rest of our adventure. Somehow I was panicking that I was losing such a free-thinking lover. I had never been with anyone quite like her. We took photos of us together and images of me being happy. It would be hard to sell them to Riki as depressed.

Berlin was also slowing down. I suspected she would miss me too. She spent the first day along the Keys, lying in the sun and watching the bridges and mangrove trees pass from a distance. She slept with her head on my lap during the night watch, and I kept my hand on her thigh when I slept.
In the morning, she came to me at the helm and told me it was time for one last game.
“It’s called Not Yet! We can do anything we want to each other, and the other cannot deny any act you wish to impose. The only rule is that no one can climax until nine o’clock tonight.

 Unconditional. Higher restrictions!”

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Sunday, September 3, 2017

Caribbean, Atlantic, Hurricane, causes sinking of small vessel. Saved by THE GLOW of a flare gun.

ADBanyan Website      Publisher Direct

 Erotic romance adventure with a touch of Sci-fi.

   We sailed back out to blue water and started the long trip back to the Keys. We sailed nonstop for days while the wind and seas were accommodating. On the third day, the skies stayed cloudy, and the wind speed increased. That evening it started raining… sideways!
   The visibility dropped to a couple hundred yards. I was glad I had the chart plotter and radar. We hunted for an island to hide out on for a while. I searched the charts, and we were in the middle of nowhere. We were northwest of Puerto Rico and northeast of the Dominican Republic. From the depth meter reading of fourteen thousand feet, I confirmed we were over the Maimon Basin. We were getting tired, and it was too rough to sleep on night watch changes. The whitecaps were splashing across the deck. The water was cold, and we broke out our heavy weather gear.
   I already had the main sail reduced into the mast as we still did seven knots across the big rolling waves. We were considering going back to Puerto Rico when the radio started screaming, “Mayday! Mayday! We are taking on water. Mayday! Mayday!”
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Friday, August 18, 2017

Yacht Cabinetry and Dragonflies.

Some of you know about my history with dragonflies.

Lately, they are back. I have had at least one visit every day for the last two weeks. Most of them, flutter around, unbalanced by cobwebs from the ceiling in the shop, and come to my workbench for help. I hold them down in the palm of my hand and carefully pull the cobwebs from their legs, wings and tails. I always talk to them as I work and take them outside and release them. Everyone at the shop makes fun of me, but also wonders why they only go to me. Personally, I wonder too?

Monday, I was pushing a large cart back from the vacuum table. I had just taken some doors over to the other room, glued them up with veneer, and applied the negative pressure on the table. On the way back to my workbench, a dragonfly kept fling ahead of me erratically. Up and down, back and forth, and finally landing on my rolling table directly in front of me, I laid my hand over him and continued to my bench. I made the repairs to his wings, etc., and released him.

Tuesday, I went back to the same room, and was returning to my area. A dragonfly, with the same erratic flight problems, flew a foot or two ahead of my face for several steps.
“Having a few navigational problems?” I asked aloud. I held out my hand and it clumsily landed in the palm of my hand.
 I about lost it.“HEY! CHECK THIS OUT!” I yelled. I did repairs and released this one. Everyone laughed and joked about the dragonfly whisperer.
Today… Friday, I found a big one under my bench, covered in webs. It was the biggest one this year. Again, I fixed him up and released him. Every year, the dragonflies come to me. I feel honored, but confused. 
Now... everyone in the shop talks to them too. I hear them all the time.
"HE"S OVER THERE!" and they point.

(While you're here, check out THE GLOW.)

Thursday, August 3, 2017

This woman drives me crazy. I love her. THE GLOW   Order from the Publisher


     I sat and spun my spinel ring around on my finger, wondering if I had been played. It didn’t make sense. Too many things looked like she wanted a future with me. I opened the fridge, got out another beer, and sat on my front porch.
    “Hey, Louis, you crazy man! How ya do’n?” said my shirt shop neighbor.
    “Ahhh, little bit lonely. A little bit confused,” I said.
    “What? That Russian girl?”
    “Yeah, but she’s Ukrainian,” I corrected.
    “She’s definitely hot! I saw her getting on a private jet up at the airport the other day.”
    “Oh yeah?” I said.
    “Yeah! She was the only passenger, and they left as soon as she boarded. The passport dude even came to the plane and stamped her passport at the bottom of the steps. Man, you know how to pick them. Beautiful and richer’n hell too. Hey, man, I gotta go close up the shop! Take it easy!” He ran back across the street.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

What does a young couple do on a long ocean crossing? Read THE GLOW.

Read "THE GLOW" of course.                          Order from the Publisher  

Page 208,
     Pushing me from behind the table, she led me into the master cabin and instructed me to get on the bed. I looked into her eyes and waited. She hung her gown on the door and unzipped my shorts. I removed my clothes and scooted across the bed. She kissed me and laid her head on the pillow beside me.
     “So, what are your boundaries?” she asked softly.
     “Are you on birth control?”
     “Then there are no boundaries!”